I put publishing my book on hold for awhile until I got really clear about my message, my brand and the truth about what it is I am saying. Well it has gotten very specific and I carry it with deep conviction. I have to tell you in the past few months my entire life has shifted into an expanded version of what it once was. It is as if I have settled into the totality of my mission and boy is it INCREDIBLE. My passion about indigo children or kids labeled with ADD, autism, etc. is very specific and close to my heart as many of you know.

I wish to help people understand a broader and more spiritual view of what is really going on with the LARGE growth in the labeling of these kids today. It is not the “kids” that are the problem, it is the “system” we are trying to fit them into. These kids have decided to come here now in large number because they are literally making it NECESSARY for the system to shift, for people to WAKE UP and for everyone to begin to SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY. This issue of separation, labeling and disempowering kids has to end. Misunderstanding people and thinking there is something wrong with them, they need to be fixed or medicated is just ludicrous to me.

These beautiful souls are awake! They have not fully forgotten the truth of who they are like many people these days have. Because they have not forgotten they are quick to spot your forgetfulness. They challenge authority when truth is not being told or mutual respect is not present. These children are warriors of the Light! They REFUSE to conform to the sleepy perception of the world. Unfortunately the only way they know how to deal with this most of the time is through force, warrior like personality, temper tantrums, extreme emotion. Your kid is getting a bad rap simply because they know a deeper truth that is not being UNDERSTOOD. Being one of these kids, I can tell you first hand that the level of frustration we feel is unfathomable. To know who you are and to be told by SOCIETY that you are fractured because you do not do things like EVERYONE ELSE DOES. . .even thought your way is probably more creative and quite genius. THIS does a LOT OF DAMAGE! How did our society become so close minded and one dimensional?

The point is that we are all evolving and many of our children and many of you were greatly misunderstood. We can change this by expanding our own minds and becoming conscious people. Instead of having your awakened child suffer by having to FIGHT to be who she or he truly is, make it easier by waking up to the idea that your child was born perfect for their purpose. Your child is EXACTLY the way he or she is meant to be for the evolution of our world and maybe it is time to change and evolve our world rather than changing people or medicating them so they can fit the OLD MOLD.

We are all in this together so it would be nice if we could all start to work on the healing of these misperceptions together. I hope to be a voice for the kids and teens these days who are being misunderstood, feeling frustrated because they simply cannot reach their own potential because they are being denied their truth from a system that is behind the times. We can teach our children that instead of being mad at the world and the system, while it is shifting we can accept that we are the ones who get to help it evolve simply by being who we are. It is a difficult purpose but it is also very fulfilling if you don’t lose yourself in the process.

Indigo children or “the new kids” are armed with a very strong will and refuse to give up. Unfortunately we also have a lot of resistance to the things that stand in our way. Personally I feel my ONLY struggles in life were because I would fall into the perception of those who did not understand me OR I would resist them with a lot of energy. When we resist we are shutting down our own connection to source. Instead of resisting we must accept what is and continue to have faith in who we are and what our mission is. Nothing gets done through war, only through love.

For more information contact me at candacevandell@gmail.com or www.theauthenticthread.com

Have a beautiful day,


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