Hello beautiful tribe,

This week is focused on those strong emotions so many of us experience. For some reason, this week has been heightened in the emotional realm. Many of you have been writing me asking about WHY the anxiety is so high or the sadness or even the loneliness.

Of course, it is totally normal to be experiencing all of these things given what this world is currently going through. However, with highly sensitive people, we often have emotional triggers that are an indication of something BELOW the surface that needs to be resolved. Not from our current situations, but things from our past that are being “triggered” by similar past scenarios.

I have been working my own process lately and although it has been tough, it has also brought me to such deep insights about things I really needed to connect with and integrate once and for all. This is life. The more awakened we become, the better we get at processing old experiences and the faster we let go and elevate to the next level.

Often people think they are not doing this right if they still experience emotional upset. That is NOT TRUE AT ALL. The reality is that we are human so we have emotions no matter what. The key to knowing you are on the right track is how you DEAL with and RESOLVE the uncomfortable feelings when they surface. There is a mastery to processing emotion and gaining the wisdom from that pain 😉

I want to invite you to my Emotional Rehab course. We will be closing the early enrollment discount this Sunday. So if you have been thinking of taking it, please join us.








I will guide you through the processing of emotions and so much more. I will also see you each week in the live calls on the private Facebook page. Not only for the 12-week course but for the entire year. This is how we build community, trust and a tribe of like-minded souls on a similar journey of self-discovery and awakening 😉

Here is my latest video to support this message.


Have a beautiful weekend!


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