I often say that we live in an Emotional Dark Age! Our society has lacked the emotional intelligence skills that we so desperately need.

In my perfect world, I would be teaching this stuff in school, but for now, it is on my YouTube channel and taught through my online courses.

After coaching thousands of people over the years, I see ONE major “original wound” in almost ALL the relationship dynamics I see.

No one has learned to manage their unresolved emotions and we look to the other person to validate what we feel. If we grew up with an emotionally unavailable parent or maybe even abuse or neglect, we learn to internalize that “inner critic” voice and look externally for the confirmation that we are enough and good!

We subconsciously attract a partner who again will never be able to meet that need and the pattern continues.

The good news is that we can learn to SELF-VALIDATE and also reparent and self heal. All of these steps are in my new online course, Emotional Rehab, which will launch before Christmas!! I also highly suggest my monthly membership if you are searching for a community who gets this work. We meet every Friday LIVE over Zoom and it is the support you have been searching for.

I appreciate each and every one of you who is “doing the work” to heal yourself and in turn make our world a more compassionate, enlightened environment for all.

Lots of Love,


P.S. The Self Love Master Class is only $97 for a limited time! To check it out, please go to selflove.candacevandell.com

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