If you are like me, you have been dealing with some overwhelm lately. Things are shifting quickly, the veil is lifting and we are noticing a new level of overwhelm.

I recently had some friends and also clients ask me if I had tips on how to deal with this. As a highly sensitive person, I used to get overwhelmed quite easily with life, but also emotion. One of the main reasons we experience overwhelm is because we are so worried about doing things wrong, making mistakes and also disappointing people and not meeting expectations.

When we really look at that as a “conditioned response,” we can do the counter intuitive thing to heal it. So what I do is remind myself that, “My pain is not in the way, it is the way.” Just like I say, “Your wounds are not in the way of your purpose, they are the way to your purpose.”

Here are my steps to clearing overwhelm very quickly:

  1. Acknowledge that your overwhelm makes sense. List the very real reasons why you feel overwhelmed.
  2. Make it OK that you are in overwhelm. Remind yourself that there is nothing wrong with this experience and if you tell yourself that there is then you may actually do the wrong thing or make the wrong decision.
  3. Do not run to the comfort zone. Most people say “screw it”, I am just not doing anything and I will go back to my comfort zone. The point of life is to expand and grow, so when we sit in the comfort zone, we delay our process. However, I DO MAKE MYSELF COMFORTABLE WITHIN MY DISCOMFORT. I do extra self care as I relax and allow the things I am overwhelmed by to just sit there until I am ready and clear to deal with them from a more centered place.
  4. Look at the emotional underlying reason for the overwhelm. The issues at hand are not what is causing the overwhelm, it is the emotions underneath. Are you afraid to upset someone? To do something wrong? To let someone down? To disappoint yourself? To make a wrong decision? Look at the emotion and see if you can validate yourself enough to soften the feeling.
  5. Ask for SUPPORT. Call a friend, look for another option you may have missed. Also ask another trusted persons opinion so that you can allow some grace and ease and not give yourself such a hard time.

With these 5 steps, I always find my overwhelm to dissipate quickly and clarity to filter in.

More on this subject in my latest video:

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