Hello beautiful tribe,

Ahhhhh…. let’s talk about our triggers!! We all have them and we all wish we had more dominion over them. Am I right?

Here are some tips from someone who used to have A LOT of triggers ;-). Over the past decade, I have done a lot of work to be able to have mastery over my triggers and my reactions. It is a far better place to be when we are emotionally mature and healed. Yes, we still may experience old triggers, but no, we will not treat them the way we once did.

Many people ask me if the triggers will go away when they are healed. I say NO, but you will relate to them and yourself with grace and ease.

Here is this weeks video on the topic:





Triggers are stored unresolved issues. We get triggered in the present, because of something in the past that happened and caused us some level of trauma and was stored in our body.

To release the body memory or what I would call the emotional pain body, we need to get PRESENT and CONSCIOUS in that moment.

This video will share many tips and understandings for you. I hope you enjoy and I am REALLY proud of you for being on this exceptionally important journey.

Please note that doors will close for EMOTIONAL REHAB & SHADOW WORK on Oct. 1st. I hope to see so many of you there!

Big love,

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