Hello beautiful souls,

If you are a highly sensitive soul, I am going to bet that you have spotted a narcissist or even been in a relationship with one in some way. Many people ask me, HOW does this happen? Candace, what is it about me that has attracted this type of relationship dynamic?

My answer, you didn’t realize your worth or have the proper BOUNDARIES around your needs, wants and values. This is very easy to do if you are an empath and feeling other people’s feelings. Also very easy to do if you are wanting to “please” others so that you can feel peaceful as well.

I was talking with a client earlier today about how he just wants to “fix” and “help” others all the time. This is for a few reasons. Yes, you are a good person and want others to be happy. BUT let’s look a little bit deeper. Often times that desire comes from energetic sensitivity. This means that you need others to feel good so that you don’t have to feel their dis-ease and then you can feel comfortable.

If this is you, you need to work on inner and outer boundaries. The other reason is that you feel “needed” when others need you. If this is you, you are being directed back to self so that you can take care of YOUR needs first. Another reason you might do this is to deflect your own inner child’s needs because you bought into the message that you should not be selfish and take care of your needs, you should take care of others. And one last thing I want to mention, you may have also gotten the message that if you do a lot for others, they just might do the right thing and be there for you.

All of these scenarios point to a person that put OTHERS above themselves. This also means there is some self-doubt or at least a denial of self and needs on some level.

In my new video: HOW NARCISSISTS CREATE SELF DOUBT, I discuss how self-doubt is instilled in you and what to do about it. Watch the video here.

When we experience Self-doubt we are always questioning our perception. Someone is doing something that does not feel good to us. We ask them about it and they tell us we are making things up and they never did it. Watch the video for a further explanation. Bottom line, when we are constantly put in a position to doubt the Self, we stop listening to our inner guidance and we start lining up with an external authority that then makes us feel powerless to our own wisdom.

So much more on this subject to come.

An exciting announcement. Emotional Rehab will be opening for early enrollment on Feb. 1, 2021. The early enrollment discount will last until class starts on Feb. 14th. You can still enroll HERE until the end of the month, but the price will change.

We look forward to doing the INNER WORK together!!!!

Lots of love and light always,


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