Hello beautiful community,

I hope you are all hanging in there with this crazy collective energy in our Universe right now!! 

It’s intense…am I right??? There are a lot of things being thrown at us.  Lots of old wounds coming to the surface.  I have been hearing from a lot of you about physical body pains and symptoms that are out of the ordinary (self-included).  In my perception, this is our energetic upgrade.  We are being asked to upgrade the energy in our bodies to fit this new 5D reality! We are also being asked to clear our stored toxins and emotional imprints. More on that in a video next week!

Today I want to talk about “being the change.”  It’s a phrase many of us have heard and use.  BUT recently I found myself in dyer need to really walk that talk!

I was having a bit of an entrepreneurial nightmare with our technical team.  We tried to open for early enrollment for one of my online programs two weeks ago and it was just not working.  After two weeks of this on top of other stresses, I finally noticed my body and mind were NOT in a peaceful place.  I was totally tense in my back. Headaches, stress reactions, the whole deal.

Well, thankfully I caught myself and said, “What the heck am I doing?”  I was allowing my externals to really affect me in ways I am not used to and I did not sign up for.

I immediately stopped everything and did a quick workout, followed by an amazing breathing meditation to drop me into my body and revisit my inner child.  I apologized to myself for leaving myself and empowered the fear.  It was incredible what happened next.  I was guided to cook one of my favorite childhood meals for dinner and drink a ton of water and RELAX.  That night was the first peaceful night of sleep I had in a while.  I woke up feeling happy.  I meditated again, made some calls, and guess what?? My technical issues were fixed!!

I decided to BE THE CHANGE! How we relate to the issue IS the issue.  I love it when I catch myself forgetting to follow my own advice hahaha! It works!!

I hope this message serves you in some way! How do we want to SHOW UP to things? Do we want to give them our power or do we want to stand in our higher more loving self and work from there?

Sending big hugs!


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Hope you all have a beautiful week!


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