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Give yourself the gift of Emotional Clarity and Self Healing through Candace’s methods and techniques!

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Join Candace Van Dell’s

Truth Room Tribe

Everything you need to know about awakening and living your life in alignment with your Inner Guidance.

“The next best thing to having Candace as your personal coach!”

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[callout title=”LET’S CONNECT!” link=”http://candacevandell.com/free-session-with-candace/”]Book Your Free 15-Minute Connection Session with Candace Today! [/callout]

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True Self for Your Health





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A Guide to Turn Wounds Into Wisdom

Spiritual Fitness by Candace Van Dell[/fullwidth_section][fullwidth_section]

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Check out more of Candace’s popular Youtube videos here!


Candace is Certified With:

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Candace van Dell is a New thought leader, youtube vlogger, author and speaker. Her mission is to assist people in reclaiming their TRUTH.  We are taught to align with external authority figures, parents, teachers, societal ideals and perfectionistic standards. It is time to awaken to our inner wisdom, the guidance that is only found when we get REAL about how we FEEL so that we can HEAL.  As we come back into the authentic version of ourselves, we awaken to our higher purpose and step into the life we were born to live.  “I call my youtube channel “The Truth Room”, it is the place where I share the insights and wisdom that come through me as a result of following my own inner guidance unapologetically, dropping the need for opinions or approval and aligning with something higher, my inner TRUTH.  I hope by watching my videos you are inspired to commit to your own WISE GUIDE INSIDE!”

Candace works as a Spiritual Coach offering her soul centered approach to healing emotional wounds and unwanted patterns.  Which she believes is the roadmap to our highest potential. Candace believes that many of the negative symptoms we experience whether it be sabotage, illness, addiction, codependency, depression, anxiety, eating disorders are signs that we are OUT OF ALIGNMENT with who we truly are.  Our society teaches us to put band-aids on our pain but band-aids always need to be changed. The only way to fill the hole is with our own wholeness. We need to get REAL about how we FEEL so that we can finally HEAL.

We can’t experience or maintain whole health or abundance unless we are aligned with our true self.

Her philosophy is that we don’t need to be fixed we just need to be healed.  Everything is already inside of us we just haven’t been taught how to claim it.  Candace’s work proves time and time again that the holes are our call to wholeness. The “symptoms” in our lives and unwanted patterns are nothing more then a guide to show us where there is limiting beliefs, an incorrect self image and where that identification has continued.

Candace’s own journey of healing back to her Authentic Self lead her to her calling.  Candace has a deep understanding of the process as well as heightened intuitive gifts as a result of the process that serve as an unprecedented compass for her work. “Our wounds lead us to our wisdom, our pain becomes our purpose, my life has been my teaching and it brings me great joy to assist others in their own awakening.”

Candace has traveled the world extensively, studied many different cultural & religions. This lead her to focus on separation and unity within ourselves and within our world.  “As we heal ourselves we are healing the world one soul at a time.”  Candace has certifications in Spiritual Psychology, Reiki, Integrative Nutrition, Yoga & meditation.  She specializes in providing her  SOUL METHOD process to assist people in healing themselves through their own empowerment and alignment with the true self. When we stop judging behavior and start to see it as a symptom, we can start to clear self imposed blocks, unwanted patterns and promote alignment with the SOUL.

Candace has many different ways of spreading her work at many different price points so that it can be available to anyone who is ready.  She has published workbooks, eCourses, Online Coaching and online workshops.  Candace also has her free youtube channel, private facebook group and her monthly membership program “Truth Room Tribe”.  She is currently designing her Certification Program.  Her message of SELF LOVE and Aligning with the SOUL will serve as a support and guidance for your journey back HOME.
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with Candace van Dell

Emotions are the Voice of the Soul

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Master Class
with Candace van Dell

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Check Out My New Shop!


Authentic Threads

by Candace Van Dell


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New Release!



A guide to managing your emotions, understanding their messages and clearing unwanted patterns for the last time.


A quick and profound process to manage your emotions, understand their messages, stop unwanted patterns and turn wounds into wisdom.


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Spiritual Coaching

After spending nearly 18 years in the fashion and entertainment industry, Candace has a profound understanding of the high standards and ideals, perfectionism and extreme levels of pressure in this world today. She shares her wisdom along with a deep explanation of how to navigate life with more grace and ease from a spiritual perspective.

Candace completed her two year Masters program in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in 2013, received her Yoga Teacher Certification from PURE yoga in New York City in 2010 and was certified as a Reiki practitioner in Los Angeles in 2015.

Candace specializes in teaching tools that facilitate a consistent connection to your true self rather than the idealized version of perfection and comparison which she calls the “Ideal vs. Real” state. She works with many models and actors as well as business leaders, students and teachers from all over the world via Skype.

CLICK HERE to book your FREE 15-minute Connection Session with Candace via Skype.

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Praise for Candace

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