Highly Sensitive People or empaths often fear the world and other people. There is a very understandable reason for this, but I am here to help END THAT CYCLE for so many of us who live behind fear, shame, and being misunderstood.

Highly sensitive people are born into a world that is wired differently. We are often the ones who are told that we are different, too sensitive, reactive, etc. The reality is that we have a different nervous system and we truly do FEEL more intensely. This gets misunderstood more often than not, and we ourselves start to disconnect form our own inner guidance system because we start to buy into the misbelief that we are wrong or broken.

This creates a fear around people, their opinions, and on a larger scale, the world. We start to play smaller because the fear of more and more opinions is daunting.

In this new video, I share some of my story!

We can shift this way of being by aligning with our own selves. Validating our feelings and seeing how they are truly “valid”. As we learn to stand in our truth as highly sensitive people who feel “more” extremely, we can stake our place in this paradigm.

The world needs the feelers and the healers but because this was not the norm 20 years ago, that need for change that we were born with got misunderstood and disempowered. We have a lot of wounded healers walking around and we need to stand up in our authority.

We can now EMPOWER our gift and bring a deeper feeling dimension to our everyday life by owning this, integrating it, and embodying the emotional truth we feel.

Lots of Love,


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