Hello my beautiful friends,

I hope your holidays were lovely!! You may have noticed the Astrological event on Dec. 21. We are officially in the Aquarian Age!!! I wrote a book about this in 2012 but never published it. I did not feel the world was ready to accept what I had to say. BUT, I have changed my mind. I feel it is time to start sharing the insights I have been having for a decade about this new ERA.

I will be sharing excerpts from this book in my new Shadow Work Course so please stay tuned and get on that waitlist.

In other news, with these shifts, I have noticed a lot of highly sensitive people coming to me with anger to release. We are now releasing the frustrations around being misunderstood and unheard. If you relate to this, please check out my new video called “Highly Sensitive People & Anger”


Now is our time to SHINE, but first we must heal the wounds of emotional repression and avoidance. As we reclaim our true authentic feelings, we are on our way to healing the world one soul at a time.

Many of you have been emailing me about my Emotional Rehab course. It has not yet launched in 2021. You have not missed a thing, it is in fact delayed for a month or so. We will probably be starting around Valentine’s Day so please make sure you are on the waitlist for that as well, so that you receive announcements when we are ready to launch the early bird discount. Thank you for your patience as we have been making some upgrades to the system 😉

Speaking of system upgrades, how many of you are feeling a bit lighter in 2021? Sure we are still clearing out the old paradigm energy. But we are also being asked to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. We are moving into a new reality, a NEW WAY OF BEING with ourselves and in the world. Things are going to be a lot different now. The material world is losing power and the heart-centered reality is emerging fast.

Have you LOST a lot the last couple years? Well, you are about to gain an abundance you did not expect. An internal abundance that does not leave or change but instead it expands. This is the true wealth of our world. I am excited guys and I am so happy you are along with me for this ride.

Please have an incredible weekend and stay tuned for 5D insights and more to come 😉

Big hugs,


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