Hello tribe,

How has your week been? Are you feeling the lighter energy that is coming in? It’s been pretty heavy for all of us recently and this week I have finally started to feel a bit of a lift to this darkness. If you aren’t experiencing this yet, no worries, brighter days are on their way.

Today, I want to dive into a subject so many of you have been asking me about. This year has certainly been the year of CHANGE. Most people don’t like change, because of the uncertainty and fear attached to it. We don’t TRUST that change means upgrade, but guess what it does!

We are always so worried that change will be uncomfortable and in the early stages, it certainly can be. But what I have learned about change is that it is inevitable. The resistance we have around it is more of the discomfort than the actual change.

The worry and fear around it are often much worse than the actual process. The biggest point of change that has been happening around me lately and probably around you is RELATIONSHIPS.

Relationships are a huge vehicle for growth in our lives. As we grow, the relationships in our lives must also grow and change. This can be scary for people, but it can also be liberating. The unfortunate part is that some people grow apart, sometimes one person grows and not the other, and other times the purpose of the relationship has been fulfilled and it is time to move on. The issue that comes up too often is toxicity. A relationship can become toxic when one or both people are not in alignment anymore and force things, abuse things or stop being their best self.

Healing from a toxic relationship can be very challenging. It brings up all the unhealed stuff. All the old wounds come to the surface to be healed and often times we don’t know what to do with this overwhelm. One thing that helps big time is a perception shift.

Seeing that it can only get better.
Seeing that everything is happening for me even if it doesn’t feel like it.
Seeing the reality that if something is toxic, we are already in pain.

Letting go and healing has to be rooted in YOU becoming the star of your own life.

So much of our focus is on the other person and the pain that we lose our own connection to our happiness. I know it sounds backward, but during really difficult times, I grab my gratitude journal and write down the 5 things I am thankful for EVEN when I am in a tough change or challenge. This immediately lifts me back to a place of self-love and positive focus.

I am not one to deny the real feelings I am having, but I am also not one to dwell on them. We must acknowledge honesty with what we are going through and then interrupt that pattern with positive affirmations, thoughts, and trust towards the bigger plan.

Here is a new video for you on the subject.

Healing from Toxic Relationships

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and focus just a little more on the good things we are all able to create with just a shift in perception!!

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