Hello beautiful souls,

I woke up today crying really hard. I could not pinpoint where this extreme emotion was coming from at first. I decided to do what I teach and feel it to heal it. I first allowed all the tears to come forward. Then I allowed the feelings underneath to tell me what they feel. When we can neutrally observe our feelings and realize they have a message for us, it makes things much easier.

I ended up having a breakthrough today. The feelings of sadness were actually not because I was sad. The feelings were the effect of having just experienced deep love. I realized that my heart was open to receiving LOVE in a way that I had never fully allowed before. There was someone from my past who came to me and not only told me, but truly showed me the love he had always had for me. I believed it, I felt it and the sadness was me realizing that many people have loved me more than I had ever loved myself (up until now).

It was a little heartbreaking to realize how much love I had resisted in the past. How much love that is truly there for me. How much the absence of a parents’ love had made me fear the love of a partner.

The inner child waits for the permission slip of the parent to love them first before they can accept, feel comfortable with or believe the love of a partner. As you all know, I have been doing the INNER WORK for many years now and this year in particular with a divorce, has brought me into the depths of my original wound for ultimate healing of the heart.

I always say that heartbreak is an opportunity to be broken open to more of your heart if you trust the vulnerability, the Universe and yourself.

This next level of LOVE has re-inspired me in my work and the next level that I will be sharing. For now, I will share my latest video on the spiritual gift of having an absent parent.


I also want to let you know about my new merch “Neutral Observer” also found on my YouTube channel below the video ;-). One of my clients asked me to make these so I hope you enjoy.




Also please listen to this message about my EMOTIONAL REHAB COURSE & SHADOW WORK COURSE! We will be launching both in just a few days so be sure to be on the waitlist if you would like to be a part of this last offering this year. Once you are on the waitlist, you will be the first to receive the email for early ENROLLMENT! We open Sept. 1 and class starts Oct. 1. Both courses have a ton of video lessons, assignments and more. I also show up LIVE each week to answer any questions you have during your course. The lives are not mandatory, but most people come to build community and enjoy the support ;-). I hope to see you there!!

I am so grateful for your support of my work and your commitment to doing your own. We are healing the world one soul at a time.

Much love & light,

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