Hello beautiful souls,

This week I have been focusing on releasing Self Blame and understanding that your pain is not your fault!

Here is the latest video:

We blame ourselves for our pain, our insecurities, for not being able to “get over something” when we think we should.  We are constantly internalizing negative emotional experiences because we never had the outlet for them, but also because we were not allowed to have full authentic self expression WITHOUT JUDGMENT.  Therefore, we grow up judging ourselves for what we feel and projecting our judgment onto others OR we project the perceived judgment of others onto ourselves.

The first step in healing childhood wounds is to understand that you internalized your anger, fear, doubt in the form of SELF-BLAME.  “There must be something wrong with me if this continues to happen or if I can’t get over this feeling.” WRONG!!!!  The only thing wrong with that statement is that you made yourself wrong.

It is time to put the responsibility back where it belongs.  In my Shadow Work course, we focus on the Mother’s wounding and the Father’s wounding so that we can see them as wounded humans rather than false gods.  If you are one of those people who still gives your power away to your boss, your partner, a strong friend, any authority figure, ask yourself WHY.  I will guarantee it is because you are still looking for acceptance from Mom or Dad.  Your inner child still hasn’t been fully claimed by you and he/she is waiting for you to stop looking for permission to love yourself from others.

We need to self-partner and re-parent the parts of ourselves that are still stuck in childlike longing for love and acceptance and APPROVAL.

We need to take the blinders off and see that it is finally safe to see people in our family and lives for who they truly are so that we can finally see ourselves for who we truly are.  Not flawed or broken or unworthy, but wounded, intuitive and willing to claim our power and live our purpose as it was intended to live.

I want to welcome you to my Emotional Rehab program.  This course goes deep into childhood wounds and reclaiming the true authentic self.  When we have attachment injuries and abandonment wounds, it is because we were not loved, seen or allowed to be our authentic self in relationship.  Because of this, we attract others who will treat us the same and we abandon our Truth so that we can stay connected to others.  In this course, you will unwind that and learn the new and healthy way to become securely attached to yourself… More info here – emotionalrehab.candacevandell.com

In Shadow Work, we will dive deeper into the Mother and Father wounds, the tribe wounds they have carried to us and why we are the ones chosen to heal. More info here – shadowwork.candacevandell.com

I would take Emotional Rehab first and Shadow Work next. We are open for enrollment and both courses start July 1.

I wish to share this work that has deeply healed my life with as many people as possible.  As we heal one soul at a time, we elevate the consciousness of this world and we lessen the pain in so many families.

I love you all so much and thank you for being on this journey of healing with me.


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