Hi beautiful tribe,

What an interesting month it has been. I have had many clients tell me about their dreams being deeper, more lucid and often painful due to the childhood memories that are coming forward. I myself have been using my spiritual skills and subconscious mind to reach answers I canot see in the physical world reality.

One of my favorite ways to work with my dreams is to set a BEDTIME INTENTION.

This is how it works. Right before bed, close your eyes and ask your higher power, higher self and spirit guides to assist you in deeper clarity, understanding and to see beyond the veil.

Let your subconscious mind know that you are ready for what you may see and if you aren’t then to please guide you slowly and gracefully.

I promise you will get the answers you need or further clues in the direction you wish to go.

Our subconscious mind speaks to us in our dreams because there is NO RESISTANCE when we sleep. We are in a deep relaxation state and anything goes, BUT you may ask for what you are wanting to receive.

This also works in the physical world to manifest. As we set our intention and then RELAX, we are opening the way to receive that which we are asking for. You just also clear any doubt around not deserving your desire for this to work quickly.

I’m excited to hear how this is working for you guys!


Here are some new videos I posted this week!

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I am sending you all an abundance of Love! I appreciate your Support and connection always.



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