When I was 11 years old I used to draw my dreams on a big easel when I would wake up in the morning. It was my way of processing the messages I would receive. This One picture I drew in particular turned out to be something very sacred to me. I remember as I was drawing it, I felt overwhelmed with Joy and excitement . It was as if I was drawing out my destiny and I knew it. This picture I drew was of my older self, dressed in what looked like Goddess attire or what looked to me at the time to be what someone in India would wear. I was in the sky flying across the ocean on a dolphin. I was a spiritual goddess of intuition. I had lots of beautiful jewelry on and wise messages to share across the ocean. I was also wearing what looked to be a turbine and I remember carrying with me a spiritual message that would reach and enlighten the world.

From a very young age I knew I had a spiritual path to follow and I knew I had intuitive gifts to share, but I did not know how it would play out or what it would look like. All I knew was that this vision lived inside of me and my intuition would lead the way. I grew up in Chicago and my parents were very conventional so this alternative way of being was pretty foreign to them and to anyone around me. I remember feeling pretty “different” all of my life and that was very difficult at times and often painful. As a child I was always “extremely” sensitive, both emotionally and physically. I had to wear the most comfortable fabrics and eat the most organic and pure foods. I just could not handle anything else. At the time this was considered “weird” and “unique”. I had trouble focusing in school because my imagination was always going at high speed and my attention was definitely dialed to a higher dimension. Of course this was called “ADHD”. So I took a bad wrap for being so sensitive and intuitive. But this “bad wrap” took me to EXACTLY where I was destined to be. I tried college for awhile but my modeling career took me across the ocean to numerous countries where I would meet incredible people from many cultures. After traveling as a model for years, I settled in Los Angeles where I became an actress and ultimately would step into my destiny fully. You see every step of the way brings us to where we need to be. Everything is perfection in the process!

3 years ago I was ready to step into my Destiny at a deeper level. My surroundings were not fulfilling my spiritual needs and I was growing desperate for a change. It had become obvious to me that my acting and modeling career were part of my path, but not my ultimate calling. I was not feeling fulfilled and I was not truly happy. I had done my yoga teacher training by now but I was not “living the lifestyle”. I was not yet walking my talk in a way that would be of service to myself or others. That was the moment I began to really train my mind and surrender to the spirit that has always been leading me. I took a break from my career and I submerged myself into my spiritual path and practice. Life has a way of showing us and guiding us back to our truth if we “listen” and pay attention. That little sweet voice inside is our wise guide, we just need to learn to honor it. So I honored that voice and went to a two year masters program in spiritual psychology. I had “noticed” this school for the past 14 years, since I moved to Los Angeles but I did not answer that call at the time. You see my mind still wanted to explore my flashy, fun career until I couldn’t hang anymore.

Those two years were life altering. This is where I learned to live my life in alignment with my heart instead of my head. Each day I would sit in meditation and I would honor and strengthen that little sweet voice until it became the master of my life. Everything has changed since that day I decided to honor my heart. I have listened to the wisdom and watched it grow exponentially. I live from the INSIDE which means I hear an inner message and I bring it to the world INSTEAD of looking outside for guidance, direction and validation.

I am sharing this story because this is how I found my greatest teachers and my hearts fulfillment. After graduation from my masters program I stepped into my life’s work. I started coaching people all over the world over skype in the practices and principles of spiritual psychology. I have never felt so purposeful or joyful. You see, our lives are designed for service. We are each given gifts, assignments and a spiritual curriculum that guides us to our service. This is designed to show us how we will heal ourselves, the world and step into our service. Upon starting my new career and writing my first book about indigo children, I was also guided to kundalini yoga class. This has broadened my meditation practice and knowledge and understanding of being an aquarian teacher. I am now working on embodying the yogi lifestyle in all ways and being the example of integrity in my own life. If you take a look at female kundalini teachers they kind of look like goddesses of intuition. . . . hmmmm kind of interesting isn’t it? Going back to that dream I had at 11 years old it looks as though spirit has always been leading me. I see my own life coming full circle and each day I am shown the way, because I have learned how to hear spirits voice. It looks like maybe becoming a a kundalini yoga teacher is my next assignment and I could not be more pleased 😉 All of our steps bring us into the fullness of who we are meant to be. If I had any advice, it would be to RELAX and allow. Stop controlling things out of the worry and fear that come from being disconnected from the source. You can reconnect by quieting the mind and listening for guidance. Guidance does not come from the mind, it comes purely from the Heart. You are being taken care of and guided. The stress and struggle we experience in life comes from our inability to TRUST that we are always being guided, protected and loved by the universe. Everything that happens in your life is happening for you not too you. Those things that happen that you are convinced are BAD and you are being PUNISHED are actually gifts even though they may seem harsh, awful and tragic. They are gifts to get to back into your power and back into alignment with your highest calling.

Today I am happier then I have ever been and I have a strong understanding and clarity about my own life. With this clarity and inner peace I am able to help show others the way and nothing makes me happier. If you have further questions, comments or wish to learn more please email me at candacevandell@gmaiil.com

Sat Nam


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