Hello beautiful souls,

I hope everyone is having a nice week so far. I know Christmas is around the corner and at this time of year a lot of family stresses, emotional triggers, and relationship dynamics can flare up!

In my new video this week, I highlight the reasons why so many empaths fall into codependent patterns. The reason why highly sensitive people grow up without an accurate emotional mirror in this emotionally unintelligent society and system. When this happens, we stop trusting our own emotions and we start to NUMB them in multiple ways.

Empaths & Codependency


We may turn to food addiction or disordered eating, drinking, or dating. There are many ways we look to distract ourselves from our own emotional world. BUT our bodies can’t lie, they tell us the story of how out of balance and alignment it is. We store ANGER in the form of unexplained inflammation. We have left our bodies and started to live in our minds. When we live in our heads, we have anxiety and we prefer that over the fear of feeling.

We also may fall into a controlling relationship. We do this because our own emotional world feels out of control and so we feel more safe being controlled. THIS ALL CHANGES WHEN WE start to allow ourselves to TRUST ourselves again. Little by little, we can apply some gentle tools to feel into what is real for us. This is easier said than done, but Empaths are born natural healers. Our biggest gift is our ability to feel into people and life, but we must have those proper inner and outer boundaries. We must also trust what we intuit with all that we have and all that we are. This process is one to be embraced and not to be feared.

If you are struggling with a relationship dynamic right now or with overwhelming emotions, I highly suggest a “pattern interrupt”. Interrupt the feeling by anchoring into the earth (visualize it). See yourself in yourself and do not leave yourself to numb or distract or fear. We can anchor in ourselves and start to become the neutral observers of our own emotional state. We are not our emotions but we can watch the experience of them. When we can watch the wave of emotion and not get caught up in the wave, we can start to fear them less, feel less overwhelmed, and start to be the master of our own lives 😉

I hope this message finds you well and I hope you are all excited for 2021 to be better and brighter than the last.

Big hug,


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