Today’s video is a technique I love to use to assist myself and others in releasing those uncomfortable emotions.

Emotions are stored in our bodies and if they don’t get released, they cause us to think differently, feel not so great and over time can create negative emotional patterns.

I love “tapping” or EFT because it gives me IMMEDIATE relief and it connects me to the acupressure points in my body. This type of contact creates almost instant calming.

Many people are being asked to upgrade their understanding of their own WORTH. As we do this inner work, our external reality will inevitably change. When these changes occur, it is very important to remember that we are not victims to change. Rather, change is a reaction to our inner upgrades and healing. We made the choice, whether subconscious or conscious to grow and change is the response.

Letting go can be scary, painful and uncertain. However, with all the change I have gone through this past year, I can say that if you lean into it, you will move along faster to your new normal. What we find in this new normal is that life was just pushing us into a size that fits better.

The pain of change is our RESISTANCE to it. If you can just for a moment, focus on a change that is happening in your life or that you are afraid of. Breath into it and relax into the possibility that this change is happening FOR YOU AND NOT TO YOU.

If you can just hold the idea of SURRENDERING to this change…… I promise you may first feel fear, but then you will receive a little tap from the divine.

Sending you all a big hug!!

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