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Tell me something, when you think about being untethered to anyone and totally free, does it scare you? I have spoken to many clients this week who will answer YES to that. Your initial reaction may be to think that it would be awesome and you would love it. But then I want you to think about it as if it is really happening. You do not have any responsibility to anyone. You are not needed by anyone on the daily. You do not have to answer to anyone. You also don’t have anyone who depends on you.

How would that feel? We can test our level of emotional autonomy by sitting with this scenario. One man told me this week that he cannot fathom being this free. He also said that it scares the shit out of him to be untethered. One of the reasons we struggle with this is because as children you were shamed for being bright, shiny and in your power. It could have been unconsciously done by certain words or actions. Or it could have been deliberate if you had a teacher or a parent who was emotionally unavailable or very critical and unloving.

We begin to think that “safety” is to stay small and to not shine. In fact, many people tell me they are afraid of their power and this is another example of that. When we fear our power, we will subconsciously choose a partner who will keep us small and therefore tethered to something that will keep us “safe”. But as we empower and start to own the truth of ourselves, we start to feel very uncomfortable in those situations. We start to wonder why? What has changed? Why does something always just feel off? The reason is because you are outgrowing that old safety net. The new safety is in YOU being YOU, and I mean all of you.

We can get to this point quickly by doing Shadow Work. Re-owning the parts of us that were left in the shadow out of fear of our own LIGHT or DARKNESS.

You can do a mini version of shadow work right now at home. Ask yourself what scares you most. Ask yourself if you are most afraid of being alone, being unwanted or unneeded. Then look at the part of yourself that you have left alone in the shadow, making it feel unwanted. It is not your fault, you did this to survive your original situation. It may be scary to face this, but it is very necessary so that we can reframe this old belief, upgrade it to the NOW and come into integration (integrity).


Please be kind to yourself, patient and most of all compassionate, as these parts of ourselves need nothing more than our attention and unconditional love.


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