Hello beautiful souls,

I want to talk about a session I had this week with a client! We were talking about emotional release, really having positive outlets to let go of the pain from our past that gets stored in our bodies!

One of these ways is to just cry it out. I find that it is extremely helpful to do this with a practitioner or healer who can hold space for you, cry with you (as I often do) and validate you as you release and walk away from the stuck emotional pain!

I also suggest moving your body WHILE speaking it out of you! I like to hike and cry or run and talk out loud. I love EFT, I highly suggest breath work!

Why do we need to do this step? Because it leads us to what we all want!!!

We all want to feel like we belong. We are all searching for our tribe. Why?? Because we have buried our emotions or judged them or made them wrong. As kids, if we are highly sensitive, we cut ourselves off from how we feel because it is too intense and we can’t manage them and they get misunderstood. So to make others comfortable or to please them, we cut ourselves off from this part of ourselves.

When this part of us is in the shadow, we feel disconnected from ourselves and therefore everyone else. We long for a deeper connection that we can’t figure out!

We must release the pain, get HONEST with how we feel and start to allow ourselves back into our heart center and out of our heads.

When we can be emotionally authentic, we can walk through life seeing the authenticity in everyone.

I feel connected to ALL people. The only difference I see is healed, unhealed and somewhere in between. Conscious, unconscious and somewhere in between.

When you experience yourself in such an authentic way, you have less fear and more love for yourself and all you are connected to. When the separation within yourself is integrated, the separated mindset with others is dissolved as well!

I honor each and every one of your journeys! They are all unique, but they share a oneness! The desire to be who you truly are and to feel connected to others!

Sending much love to you all!

Please be aware this is the LAST WEEK to sign up for either Emotional Rehab or Shadow Work! *Please do Emotional Rehab first if you have not already!

Both classes start July 1 and we will be healing all those parts inside of you that hurt!

I am honored to be in this experience with all of you and sending LOVE always!


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