Hello beautiful tribe,

SHADOW WORK is now OPEN for enrollment and I could not be more excited to invite you all into this new container of healing. This past year has been all about me facing the deepest parts of my shadow and reclaiming the beautiful parts of myself that I had previously skated around. Most of us FEAR ourselves, but what we really fear is our shadow. Who doesn’t fear something that is lurking in the dark that you can’t see or even know how to face?

Think about it….. UNCERTAINTY is the biggest fear of all. We fear what we do not know, what we cannot see and what we are not sure of. The anxiety rises quickly and our minds try to land somewhere by projecting outcomes and holding onto false evidence appearing real.

So many of us think that making things up for our own “false” sense of certainty is the best bet. It’s not! If we continue to do this, we will also continue to bump up against the issues that remain UNKNOWN. We must bring consciousness and light to the unknown. This is how we gain WISDOM. This is how we become CERTAIN and therefore CONFIDENT and AWARE!!


It is better to know the TRUTH so that we can literally set our minds free from the guessing or denying or avoiding.


I live FREE these days. I have just ended a huge chapter in my life and I thought it would break me. It was tough, challenging on all levels. At times, when I could not see my way out, I would just go in deeper. After months of doing this, I discovered a massive strength and fearlessness that was hiding in that very shadow. We must go in to get out of the shit. We must go towards the things we have previously run from. We must stop running and abandoning these parts of ourselves we think are wrong, bad or maybe too powerful.

More on all of this in my latest video:

I am incredibly passionate about this work. It is the next step after my EMOTIONAL REHAB program. If you are interested in inner child work, reclaiming your authentic self, healing the Mother and Father wounds that direct you towards fulfilling relationships with others, yourself and the collective, then you may want to dive into a course.

Both Emotional Rehab and Shadow Work will be running at the same time. You do not have to do one before the other, however if you have not done much inner child work, I would suggest Emotional Rehab first.

If you have questions, feel free to email me. In both courses I will be showing up each week for LIVE calls the entire 12 weeks and for the rest of the year!!!!

More info on Shadow Work here.

More info on Emotional Rehab here.

We start May 1, 2021 for both classes. Your private Facebook groups are included in your welcome emails. These groups attract incredible communities of humans from around the world that often times become friends. Your tribe and your inner child are waiting for you. Your higher purpose and your total fulfillment are on the other side.

I will see you there!



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