Recently as some of you know, I have been dealing with a very severe head pain that has been living with me now for 11 days. I have had 2 of my scheduled 4 MRI’s so far, a cat scan and have been examed by a neurologist and another specialist. So far, no answers! So I began doing my OWN research and I would like to share what I found with you.

I took a look at my own health history since I was a little girl and I was able to put some reallly interesting pieces together. I put all of these things I have found under the category of “indigo health issues” because many of the other friends I have and people I know who suffer or have suffered form similar ailments are also working their indigo energies 😉

I am expaining these things through the spiritual perspective because that is how I think and I find deep understanding on this level. The first thing I would like to address is nitemares and insommnia. I hear so many of the younger Indigo’s talking about their cronic insomnia. This is a very natural thing for Indigo’s to deal with. Louise Hay mentions in her lovely book “You Can Heal Your Life” many of the spiritual reasons behind our physical issues. What she says about insomnia which I 100% agree with is that insomnia is (fear, not trusting the process of life and having guilt). Many indigo’s will feel this way as they grow up because life has not yet reflected to them what they KNOW they are. Instead many times we are mislabeled or medicated and greatly MISUNDERSTOOD. This is largely due to the state of the world or should I say the people in this world. Our world has only recently started to shift into the age of aquarius and I believe many of us will start to find relief as time goes on and more people start waking up and reflectiong back to us what we already know.

The thing people need to realize most is that INDIGO’s were BORN awake and yes people are starting to wake up to their indigo energy now, but the fact that we were literally BORN knowing our purpose we have built up a lot of anger and frustration due to NO ONE UNDERSTANDING US. To be so young and so aware and not to be able to voice this or articulate this is very difficult and you naturally start to feel bad about yourself which is the “guilt” for being different and also loose trust in the process of life which can turn into insomnia.

By starting to let go and trust again I know your insomnia will lift 😉

Another big thing is HEADACHES! Many indigo’s have migraines, I know I have suffered from them since I was 7 years old. Mine have always been stress induced and very random. My first one at age 7 was when my house flooded and we lost everything. What Louise Hay says about headaches and migraines is that it is an (invalidation of self, self criticism and fear). To heal this we must apply LOVE! Most indigo’s have this misbelief that WE CAUSE the outside choas. It is a very hard thing for us to understand when we are younger because we have this knowing of ONENESS. So we feel if things outside of us are bad then maybe that means we are bad or we did something wrong to “deserve it”. We also feel that anything that goes wrong is OUR fault because we literally feel everything as if it was our own emotion.

Many indigo’s, myself included were misdiagnosed as having ADD or ADHD. What Louise Hay says about Hyperactivity I find to be spot on! (FEAR! feeling pressured and frantic, not good enough as I am). This is easy to understand as again nothing is reflecting who you know yourself to be so you start to feel not good enough, You might learn differently or express differently and you start to feel that you are born on the wrong planet and begin to create this internal pressure that is unmatched. Everything becomes so scary as you just feel different and you don’t know why because you KNOW that you have the answers to a better way of life. But at the same time all you want to do as a kid is FIT IN.

Many of us are so severly sensitive to our environments that we internalize everything that goes on in our family and home when we are young. When I was 8 I had hernia surgery. This is what they say about hernia ( reptured relatioships, strain, burdens, inorrect creative expression, tension in the home).

TEEN years and OLDER

Many indigo’s have extreme ANGER and RAGE that they deal with. I have noticed in some of the older indigo’s like myself we have suffered from digestion issues, colon and also stomach. it is having extreme fear and the inability to LET GO and VALIDATE yourself. You don’t want to validate this part of you because people have said it is wrong or different. The truth is, it is amazing and beautiful but many people are afraid of different and simply do not understand. But you do, so you can teach them 😉

We already covered headaches but it is important to reiderate that the INVALIDATION is huge along with the self criticism. I believe my current headache is the release of all the constant pressure I have always put on myself because of the mislabeling and also my intolerance in the ignorance in the world. By releasing this, forgiving ourselves and others and accepting the TRUTH we can start to flow freely and alow the gifts to come forward. . . it is pretty amazing 😉

Constipation is a refusal to let go. colitis is an insecurity and a struggle to let go of the past. Bad circulation is the inability to feel and express emotions in a positive way. Issues with the stomach or solar plexus is a strain on your intuition. We must follow our GUT with love and trust.

Indigo’s also may hold a misinterpretation about punishment as many of us feel we are being punished in this world that does not yet understand us. Or we have punished ourselves for our behavior as we did not know how to process all of this. Many ailments come from a belief about punishment (cuts, scrapes and wounds).

PMS is a biggy, the inability to be in the FLOW 😉

Recently it has come to my attention that many of my friends and myself included have been diagnosed with HYPOthyroid. This is a significant “throwing in the towel mentality” giving up, feeling hopeless. I think many of us GIVE INTO the way things are because we feel it is too hard to change it on our own and that is true. We must UNITE! We must do this together 😉 It is time to create a NEW WORLD! New rules that totally support us in supporting others.

For the Indigo soul it is extremely important that we fully heal ourselves from the inside out because our natural sensitivity can affect our healty but the good news is that we have the insight and ability to also heal ourselves in deep ways by letting go of negativity, fear and any misinterpretation that there is anything wrong with us or that we are not good enough. The truth is that we are divine, we have a powerful purpose and we are different (in a good way). Everyone is here to shift into the LOVE mind set but we were born remembering that and we have had that taken away from us because of the unawareness of those around us. But now we have the knowledge, tools and intuition to stand fully in our birthright and SHINE in this world. We need to stay healthy and strong and be the change. Release all guilt, release all fear and stand in your loving! That is what you are 😉



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