In today’s Minute Meditation we focus on the path of Least Resistance. If you don’t see the video here please head over to the YouTube link on the top right corner of this website.

So many of us have been taught to numb, deny, reject and abandon our negative emotions. When we do this we are keeping them active in all areas of our lives. We are afraid that by merely FEELING these emotions it MEANS that we are not as evolved as we thought or that we have failed in some way. This is not at all the truth. The Truth is that you are evolving and when you are going to the next level in your life your old emotions will tend to trigger you more because they know you are ready to release them. You must FEEL it to HEAL it so by denying the existence of your negative emotions you are keeping them active, unhealed and keeping them right where they are. . . inside of you. I teach a new way of being with ourselves. By simply acknowledging these feelings we take back control. They are unconsciously running our lives at times because we have not learned that all we have to do is be HONEST about their very existence. 😉 When we do this we see that they are not US, they are only a part of us that no longer serves us. By separating your identity from the emotion, you can now coach your own emotion by telling it that you hear it, it is safe with you and you would like to now release it. By doing this you are literally setting yourself free. By simply witnessing your negative emotions you have distanced yourself from the drama of the emotion. Once you do this, you will see immediately how different you feel. Now you are free to heal 😉


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