A Call for LOVE! Most Indigo people are young adults right now and we are old enough to share our message from OUR perspective. I feel honored to be one of the front runners of our “generation” who has experienced all of what I talk about first hand and can share it as a form of awareness. The more I write and post on Instagram, facebook and twitter I find that more and more of us are coming forward to “relate” to the things I write and NOTHING makes me happier so thank you!

Today I wanted to write about more of our purpose! It is a HUGE passion of mine to try and shed light on the TRUTH of what is really going on and as more of us wake up we can hopefully start to move our current systems in the right direction. One of the BIGGEST issues right now is medicating our kids because they appear to be “hyper active” or “attention deficit”. As a child who was labeled as having ADHD myself from the young age of 7 and medicated with Ritalin for many years of my young life, I have some words of advice from my experience. I understand why our parents sometimes go to these lengths because we are in fact different and we have a strong message we carry with us. I know this is WRONG but I don’t blame anyone for not knowing any better way at the time. This is what we are here for, to show a better way. Indigo children have an inherent TRUTH DETECTOR! We respect Integrity and nothing less and this is why much of the time it can appear that we don’t respect authority or we shy away from things and this is correct. We simply can NOT respect anyone who is not in their Integrity. We can literally KNOW if you are lying or not balanced in your own truth and it TURNS US OFF!

Many of us have sleep disorders or grew up having very scary nitemares. This is not because of our huge imagination but rather because we are many times psychic and can literally see “spirits” in our bedrooms and sleep. This is a hard concept for most people to grasp but I assure you, it is TRUE. Not to scary you, but it is true that “spirits” can sense our extreme sensitivity and come to us for HELP. We must learn to protect our energy by first becoming aware that this is what is going on. Because of this, many of us can not sleep at night which is because of low levels of melatonin which is connected to our low level of serotonin and we end up not able to focus and we seem hyper active.

We have also come into this world highly sensitive and very hungry for LOVE & Attention! “attention deficit” is a pretty obvious call for attention. We simply are not getting enough and that is no ones fault, it is literally the purpose of our existence. To create more LOVE on this planet and first in our own homes. We get so ANGRY when we are not given what we feel we need and much of this anger is “EXISTENTIAL” ANGER. We are so angry at the state of the world and we are many times not even aware of this. To chanel this energy is to first understand that this is what we are here for.

Personally I have always felt like my diagnosis of having ADHD at such a young age was a huge gift to me waking up to my life purpose but also a huge pain I carried with me for many years. I saw that I was different from the rest of my family and much of the world. I knew I had a specific purpose but I never guessed it would be this big. To LITERALLY help shift the world and for me it started in the classroom. My Mother being a school teacher you can imagine the opportunities for shifting perspective, but also the frustrations. I can remember knowing that things were simply not right! People were mislabeling me and this was very frustrating. I also had this sense that one day I could take all of this frustration and use it to SHOW THEM ha ha! But until this point it has been very challenging to keep the faith.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned in my life that I would like to share on the subject of LOVE and attention is that we will never find all that we think we need outside of ourselves. After years of thinking I was not getting ENOUGH love or attention I realized that it was an INSIDE job and this was the lesson and the gift. As kids we may be attention deficit as we feel we can never get enough attention or love, in fact we never feel LOVED on some level and therefore we literally can not PAY attention and we can seem VERY angry. We simply know a better way but are not getting it . Today I KNOW that I AM all the love I will ever need! We need to first realize that there is NOTHING wrong with us. The labels, the ritalin or whatever it is they put you on is actually WRONG. It is there way of coping with something they have no answers for at the moment . These drugs can actually make you focus because they numb all of your deep feelings and distractions. In my opinion, medicating an indigo is putting their gifts in shackles. Let’s try to forgive that and move forward 😉 Once we tap into that well inside of us that is PURE LOVE and clear all of these confusing ideas people have had about us . . . we are FREE to create the changes. We are free to allow all the love that is inside of us to BE. If you really think about it, what a gift to have NEVER found it anywhere except right inside your own heart 😉

There were so many years that I truly felt shackled because I knew this world was not ready for us but in all honesty I was just preparing for NOW. It is OUR TIME my friends. We are going to take all of this LOVE and TRUTH that we are here to create and BE and put it into the world. We will literally demand honesty, integrity and truth first from ourselves and then from others. We are BEING THE CHANGE we are going to see in the world by applying our own LOVE to ourselves and then to the world. This is human evolution 😉

So stay strong my indigo friends. The most important thing we can do right now is STAY TRUE to who we are and what we are here to do.

BE the LOVE, spread the LOVE and committ to the LOVE!

Love & Light


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