Hello beautiful souls,

I’m not a huge astrology buff, BUT I do check in with the planets from time to time when I’m seeing myself and my clients go through very similar things that you just can’t make up. When there is an undeniable theme, there must be a higher reason right?

Well, this week on September, 9 2020, Mars went into retrograde. Last week, the majority of the topics talked about in my coaching sessions were around family and or significant relationship shifts and old wounds coming up. So, if you were or are going through that, you are not alone… along with 90% of the people I have spoken with recently. And Mars may be part of the reason. Of course with old wounds, there is usually a lot of pain and or fear present.

Now with Mars going into retrograde, it means that you may be feeling more irritable or angry. You are taking action, but nothing is happening. It can almost feel like a holding pattern for the next two months.

This is also a time to be patient and not act from impulse. If you really tune inward, you might find this interesting PAUSE feeling. For me, it almost feels like right here and right now is the only place my focus can be (present). You may feel like one step at a time is all you can really manage as well.


With so much uncertainty in the world, we are longing for more future answers and this can also make us feel unsafe.


For this reason, I have been doing this beautiful inner child exercise that I would love to share with you. When we can’t find answers or safety in our outer world, we can most definitely go inside to comfort the inner child who is looking to YOU.

I have shared this with my monthly membership and my Emotional Rehab group this week and now I would like to share a short version of it with you.

Here is the exercise:

1. Sit in a quiet place that feels very comfortable. You can also lay down and please close your eyes.

2. You can place one hand on your heart and the other on your stomach, or both hands open in receiving mode by your sides.

3. Start to focus on your breath and inhale through your nose for 3 counts and out through your mouth for 10. Longer exhales to calm the nervous system.

4. Keep focusing on your breath as you walk yourself into a very safe space in your mind. You can notice the colors, the textures, the scent. Is there music in this space? Are there animals from childhood or now?

One client told me she saw Care Bears® and that made her instantly connect with her inner child. There are no rules to this. Notice some of your favorite things pop up.

5. Now look for your inner child. Where is he or she? When you contact him or her say hello and ask what they are doing. Notice what they are doing and ask to join in.

6. See how your inner child feels. If they are happy, fearful, uncertain, or just playful.

7. Ask your inner child if they will sit on your lap for a bit

8. See how they feel sitting with you. If they are unsure or happy just notice that.

9. Give your inner child a gift and see how this makes them feel

10. See if they will give you one back or if they are just happy and thankful.

11. Ask your inner child if you can hold them close to you for a minute and let them know that everything they feel, you feel as well. Let them know that everything they go through, fears, joys, etc. YOU would like to guide them and go through all of that with them. See how they feel about this.

12. Thank your inner child for showing up for you and remind them that they are NEVER alone and ALWAYS safe in this beautiful space with you.

13. Ask God to join the two of you and ask for a word that you can both commit to. The word can be peace, happiness, love, grace, anything that reminds you both of this bond.

14. Take a deep breath in and see how you feel.

This is a process I like to engage in to find safety within when I feel fear, uncertainty or can’t see what is coming next. I did this exercise for an hour and a half the other day and it was a game-changer. I now check in with her throughout the day just to see how she feels about the decisions I am making and the way I am acting.

When I feel afraid I think about the word we chose and I flow from there because this word symbolizes your connection to you and God and Self. When we are in our hearts, fear cannot take over.

I hope this exercise brings you peace and serves you well!






















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