Hello Tribe,

This week has been pretty interesting. I have had an abundance of emails asking about similar subjects. I always take notice and try to deliver what it is that you need 😉

This week’s abundant topic was Intuition vs Fear. This was HUGE for me when I started my spiritual journey. I had no idea how to decipher between the two and it was overwhelming and confusing.

I have broken it down for you in this new video… 4 Steps to Discover if it is Intuition or FEAR

You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/uu_g1OtgYjM

Step 1: Is this message coming from my gut “feeling” or from a message in my head?

Step 2: If it is my Gut then why is my head in opposition or vice versa?

Step 3: Ask my inner child what she need and do that.

Step 4: Ask my inner child, do I now feel SAFE?

As we work our process in this way, we can discover the “ego” needs that are in our way from complete INTEGRATION.

As I worked my own process all these years, I came face to face with many ideas about power being outside myself. I also discovered first hand that achievement does not create happiness, but SERVICE work does! As we think we are looking for external validation, we come to know that the only real validation has to come from WITHIN.

I want to mention to you that EMOTIONAL REHAB is open for enrollment NOW! Access it here.







This 12-week course will change your life. You will come face to face with the TRUTH of you, but also the patterns and beliefs that have held you in toxic relationship dynamics. Many people are asking how this works.

The course is fully digital. You sign up and have full access to it. It is suggested that you take at least 12 weeks to complete it. Some people do the entire course in a week because they are really hungry. Others purchase it and don’t get to it until next year. And some sign-up and do it along with their class on the private Facebook group.

Due to COVID, I have allowed each class to stay in the group all YEAR to build community, connections and to continue asking me your questions for the live calls. Last year’s classes became like family to me and I hope the same for you. Together we RISE!!!

Sending you all Love and Light,


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